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Nipple Reconstruction Encino CA

Reconstructing the Nipple and Areola

After breast reconstruction, often the nipple and areola need to be reconstructed. While recreating a replica of these areas of the breast, Dr. Malamet uses some advanced techniques to create as realistic a nipple/areola complex as is possible. What is a reconstruction of the nipple and areola area of the breasts? The goal after breast […]

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Breast Revision Encino CA

Implant Revision

Breast augmentation surgery doesn’t seem overly complicated when compared to other surgeries such as nose or eyelid surgery. But there can be problems or issues with augmentation. The implants may have formed excessive scar tissue around them. The patient may have decided the implant size wasn’t what she wanted. Or there can be problems with […]

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Breast Reduction Encino CA

Opting for Smaller Breasts

It seems the rest of the world is choosing to have larger breasts, as shown in the yearly increases in augmentation surgery procedures around the world. But for many women with overly large natural breasts, all they want is to get rid of the burden that their breasts can be. Physically and mentally, overly large […]

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Laser Hair Removal Encino, CA

No More Hair

Unwanted hair is like that distant uncle from Sacramento who visits every year at the holidays, despite your hints that maybe he goes to your sister’s house this year. No matter what you do, it just keeps coming back. No matter your choice of removal method — shaving, plucking, waxing, or using harsh depilatory creams […]

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Non-Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Encino, CA

Juvederm’s Newest Filler — Volbella

Juvederm keeps expanding its dermal filler line. The newest family member is called Volbella, and it was introduced to the aesthetic world last summer. Volbella is specifically formulated for the lips, adding subtle volume and erasing vertical lip lines. Dr. Malamet offers Volbella as part of his injectable offerings. What’s up with volume loss? It […]

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Scar Revision Encino, CA

Winter is a Good Time to Revise a Scar

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Malamet not only performs cosmetic procedures such rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, he also performs various reconstruction procedures such as breast and nipple reconstruction. Another popular revision surgery is scar revision surgery. The Southern California winter months are a great time to consider having surgery to revise an unsightly scar, […]

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Breast Augmentationn Encino, CA

Augmentation Has Lots of Other Decisions

Obviously, breast augmentation changes a woman’s body in a big way. But it also can change a woman’s self-esteem and certainly her body image. It’s a big decision to make, and it should only be made for you, not at the behest of a partner. Once you decide to go ahead with augmentation, there is […]

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Botox Encino, CA

De-Wrinkle Your Holiday Parties with Botox

Botox is one of the world’s most famous brand names. But what do you know about it? Well, you may want to get to know it personally to get ready for your upcoming holiday parties. After all, Botox does a number on crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and the 11s between your brows. Here’s some more […]

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Mole/Lesion Removal Encino, CA

Moles are Fine in your Yard

Although we don’t have as many moles in California as in more humid climates, they can still be found burrowing around yards and golf courses here and there. They’re typically an unwelcome visitor to your yard. You could say the same thing about moles that show up on your skin. No one likes them (except […]

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation to address the stretching that has occurred. Beyond childbirth, the simple passage of time also loosens the vaginal muscles and structures. In other cases, a woman may have natural deformities that can impact the enjoyment she gets out of sex. Finally, a woman can be embarrassed by the appearance of her labia, and […]

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