Mini-Tummy Tuck

Some patients who inquire about having a tummy tuck come to find out all they need is a Mini-tummy tuck — a less invasive version of the traditional tummy tuck. A Mini-tummy tuck can be used to remove excess skin and fat while also rearranging underlying muscle to improve the aesthetic appearance of the abdomen. While less invasive than a traditional tummy tuck, a Mini-tummy tuck will not be a good fit for patients wanting a drastic change to their abdomen.

Encino Mini-tummy tuck patients may prefer the less invasive alternative to a traditional tummy tuck if they have minor to moderate amounts of excess skin and fat to be removed and would prefer to have less scarring.

Mini-Tummy Tuck Facts

  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia
  • Length of procedure: Up to 3 hours
  • Length of stay: Usually Home the same day
  • Discomfort: Mild to Moderate, controlled with prescription pain medications
  • Anticipate: Swelling up to 6 weeks that could take up to 3 months to resolve completely
  • Final results: Approximately 3-6 months
  • Duration of results: Usually lasting, unless substantial weight gain or pregnancy occurs

A Mini-tummy tuck requires a smaller incision than a traditional tummy tuck. After the incision is made, skin and fat are removed from the lower abdomen and the remaining skin is stretched. In some cases, the abdominal muscle can be tightened, depending on the needs of the patient.

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