Chin Implants & Cheek Implants

Chin Implants & Cheek Implants in Encino, CA

There are 3 main factors that contribute to your facial appearance; your skin, soft tissues, and the underlying facial structure. Facial implants are designed to address the latter of these facial attributes by augmenting the size and shape of both the chin and cheeks. If the structure of the face is disproportionate or lacks definition, chin implants and cheek implants can have a tremendous effect on the overall appearance of your face.

Designed to create symmetry and contour, Facial Implants focus on the bone structure of the face and enhances the appearance of surrounding soft tissues. For patients who desire a more full and contoured appearance, Encino Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew Malamet offers both cheek and chin implants to fundamentally augment the underlying bone structure of the face.

Chin/Cheek Implant Key Facts

  • Anesthesia: General Anesthesia or Local Anesthesia with IV Sedation
  • Length of Procedure: 1-3 Hours
  • Length of Stay: Patients generally return home shortly after the procedure.
  • Discomfort: Some minor swelling, bruising and discomfort.
  • Anticipate: Slight swelling and bruising may persist for a couple weeks, but daily activities can be resumed within a few days.
  • Final Results: Visible once swelling and bruising subside.
  • Duration of Results: Lasting

Chin Implant Procedure

Chin Implants are generally inserted through small incisions that are hidden inside the mouth. A small incision is generally made at the base of the lower lip to reduce any visible scarring that may result from the procedure. Depending on the placement of the implant, an additional incision may also be made at the base of the chin.

Once complete, a chin implant can help to define the jawline and improve the overall proportion and contour of the face. Along with the nose, the chin plays a large role in facial proportion and balance, and many patients choose to undergo both chin implant surgery and rhinoplasty at the same time to ensure the very best results.

Cheek Implant Procedure

Much like a chin implant, Cheek Implants are generally inserted through small incisions within the mouth. However, depending on the placement of cheek implants, additional incisions may be necessary at the base of the lower eyelid, or along the hairline. Regardless of the incision location, Dr. Matthew Malamet works to minimize any visible scarring that may result from the procedure.

Once complete, cheek implants augment the size and shape of the cheek bones to create a more prominent facial appearance. Cheek implants are especially effective if the cheek bones were previously flat or recessed.

Dr. Matthew Malamet offers Cheek and Chin Implants for patients from Encino, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Burbank, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, and the surrounding area. If you would like to learn more about Facial Implants, and how they can improve the underlying bone structure of the face, Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Matthew Malamet. He meets with each patient individually to address any questions or concerns that may come up prior to the actual procedure.

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