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All About That Bass—Boosting Your Backside

Brazilian Butt Lift | Plastic Surgery | Plastic Surgeon | EncinoMore and more women are starting to think about the appearance of their backside. If you’d like to fill in your jeans with a toned, perky, enviable butt there are a few things you can do.

Exercises That Can Boost Your Booty

While almost any exercise is good for you, some exercises will target your glutes and help you get a better butt. Consider working a few of these exercises into your regular routine:

  1. Take the Stairs: If you want to make time for a workout that will target your glutes without taking time away from your cardio, hit the stair-stepper. Climbing stairs is a great workout for your whole body, but especially your glutes. You’ll still get the cardio workout you need, and your backside will get more toned.
  2. Lift and Lunge: Get more out of your workout by combining a few moves. Hold one 5-10 pound dumbbell in each hand and do some lunges across the room. When your left leg is forward, do a bicep curl the dumbbell in your right hand—when your left right is forward, curl with the dumbbell in your left hand. Remember that your knees shouldn’t extend past your toes.
  3. Squat for Sexy Muscles: Squatting is one of the simplest and most effective ways to tone your backside. You can do standard squats or shake things up with a variation. If you’ve already been using the dumbbells for lunging, keep them handy. Hold dumbbells in your hands and press them up when you squat down. You could also try a sumo squat with a calf raise. Keep your legs wide apart and your feet pointed slightly out—then squat, slowly raise both heels off the ground, slowly lower them back, and then straighten your legs.

Taking It To The Next Level

Exercise can take you far, but it can’t always get you the results you want. If you feel like you need some extra help getting the look you want, consider a buttocks lift. At Dr. Malamet’s office a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure commonly includes harvesting fat from one section of the body and then injecting it carefully into the buttocks to create more volume and improve the shape. The procedure will be customized to meet the patient’s specific desires. Schedule a consultation to learn more.