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Botox Encino, CA

There’s More to Botox than Wrinkles

Botox is a big brand name. Everyone knows about Botox, and most of the notoriety comes from word-of-mouth communication, not paid advertising. In fact, since the FDA approved it to treat facial wrinkles in 2002, Botox injection sessions have been the most popular cosmetic procedure every year. But you don’t know everything about Botox. It […]

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Male Breast Reduction Encino, CA

Male Breast Reduction

When you’re down at Redondo Beach hanging out, and a guy walks by with larger than normal breasts, you may think of the term “man boobs.” You may even have heard men with said breasts describe their chests this way. Most people just assume the larger breasts are simply due to weight gain. But in […]

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Arm Lift Encino, CA

Winter is a Great Time for an Arm Lift

Although thus far this Southern California winter has been anything but a true winter, it’s still a time when we tend to wear more clothes. Our sleeveless blouses and tank tops are on hiatus. That makes winter a good time to address our loose upper arms. If you’ve gained and then lost weight, or simply […]

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Rhinoplasty Encino, CA

Taking Care of Your Nose After Rhinoplasty

Whether your nose surgery was for cosmetic or functional reasons, the goal is to recover as soon as possible without complications. Dr. Malamet knows that a successful recovery is a critical component of your overall rhinoplasty experience. Patients want to see their final results as soon as possible, but patience is a virtue, especially with […]

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Facelift Encino, CA

Don’t Forget the Facelift

Why is the skin on our bodies that is the most exposed to the elements day in and day out among the thinnest on the entire body? Such is the case with much of the skin on our faces. When you beat it up with sun and environmental damage. When you take away more and […]

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Body Surgery Encino, CA

Mommy Resolves to Get Her Body Back

Having a child is one of life’s seminal moments. But why did it have to come with the side benefit of trashing your figure?! Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can be tough on a woman’s body. Breasts that were firm and high now sag and droop. A tummy area that was relatively tight now sports a […]

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Pink bikini

3 Ways To Get A Toned Tummy

Whether you want to wear a bikini with confidence, try out a trendy crop-top, or comfortably slide into your skinny jeans, having a toned tummy can boost your self-confidence, improve your appearance, and make your clothes fit more comfortably.   If you’re looking for ways to get a toned tummy you can show off with […]

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Facial Fillers Encino CA

We Carry the Full Line of Restylane Fillers

Dermal fillers are pretty commonplace these days. People in the know about the aesthetic world know the brand names such as Juvederm and Radiesse. Dermal fillers have only been around a little over a decade. They debuted in 2006 when a new product called Restylane was approved by the FDA for treatment of nasolabial folds […]

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Nipple Reconstruction Encino CA

Reconstructing the Nipple and Areola

After breast reconstruction, often the nipple and areola need to be reconstructed. While recreating a replica of these areas of the breast, Dr. Malamet uses some advanced techniques to create as realistic a nipple/areola complex as is possible. What is a reconstruction of the nipple and areola area of the breasts? The goal after breast […]

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Breast Revision Encino CA

Implant Revision

Breast augmentation surgery doesn’t seem overly complicated when compared to other surgeries such as nose or eyelid surgery. But there can be problems or issues with augmentation. The implants may have formed excessive scar tissue around them. The patient may have decided the implant size wasn’t what she wanted. Or there can be problems with […]

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