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Beautiful Breast Lift in Encino

Breast Lift Encino - Matthew Malamet MDWhy bother undergoing a cosmetic procedure such as a breast lift if the resulting scars are going to be so noticeable that the procedure seems like a waste? Many women who are considering a breast lift in Encino contemplate this procedure heavily because they think the scarring is uncontrollable. With a qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeon like Matthew Malamet, MD, there are many approaches and options that are available to keep the scarring to a minimum after your breast lift.

The ‘ultimate lift’ is a technique that may be recommended to you by your Encino plastic surgeon. This approach maximizes fullness without the use of an implant and ultimately yields a very natural result. This approach is sometimes preferred because it requires no vertical scar. Instead, the scar is hidden within the breast crease and around the areola, making it virtually non-detectable. You may also choose to use an implant for your breast lift if you would like to add fullness and augment the shape of your breast. The incision for a breast implant approach to a breast lift can be made through the areola, the breast crease, or even under the arm. You may also choose to have your incision made under the arm without a breast implant if you have minimal sagging. A traditional ‘lollipop’ incision will be made if you have a great deal of sagging, and the more sag within the breast the longer the scar for the breast lift.

Please call Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Matthew Malamet MD in Encino today for your breast lift consultation. Only a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Malamet can decide what approach is best for your specific anatomy and breast lift needs. The best protection against aesthetically unpleasing scars is a great surgeon performing your procedure.