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A Bigger Backside for 2017

Everywhere you turn these days, women are showing off their bigger booties. From Kim Kardashian to Nicki Minaj, from J-Lo to Meghan Trainor, the age of the bigger backside is here. If you want to add a little junk to the trunk for 2017, you may want to consider a Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Malamet.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Formerly, if a woman wanted to increase the size of her buttocks she would opt for surgical butt implants. But those surgeries have fallen out of favor due to issues with implants being uncomfortable and shifting their position.

In a Brazilian Butt Lift the patient’s own fat is used to augment her buttocks. The result is a rounder, more projecting backside, particularly in the higher area of the buttocks. Because the patient’s own fat is used, a Brazilian Butt Lift has a secondary benefit of liposuction being performed on an area or areas of unwanted fat. This provides the fat for the augmentation.

What can a Brazilian Butt Lift correct?

Generally, Dr. Malamet’s patients opting for a Brazilian Butt Lift have these symptoms:

The procedure

The first step in the procedure is to harvest fat from an unwanted area of the patient’s body. This may be the abdomen, back, thighs, hips, or other areas. Dr. Malamet uses tumescent liposuction to remove the fat. Then the fat is purified, separating out any plasma, blood, or other tissue to end up with purified fat. Dr. Malamet prefers smaller fat particles for reinjection, so more fat is removed in liposuction than will be reinjected later. This is a great secondary benefit of the procedure.

During reinjection, Dr. Malamet makes hundreds of injections in different areas at various depths. The goal is to achieve a uniform, smooth, natural appearance. Not all of the fat will “take.” The body will absorb some, but generally up to 75% of the fat will permanently augment your backside.

Interested in getting rounder back there? Call Dr. Malamet at 818-380-3130 and let’s talk about a Brazilian Butt Lift.