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Which Body Areas Will Benefit the Most from Liposuction?

Liposuction reigned supreme in 2013! According to recent statistics by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction was the most frequently surgical cosmetic procedure last year, replacing breast augmentation which has dominated plastic surgery for the past few years. The popularity of liposuction may be attributed to the growing number of various technologies used in the procedure resulting to minimal downtime and fewer adverse effects following the procedure.

Here at our Encino body contouring surgery practice, one of the most common questions that men and women have concerning liposuction has to do with which areas in the body will respond well from the procedure. We list them down below!

Cheeks – Having plump and well-defined cheeks is without a doubt a sign of natural youthfulness. However, when you’ve got too much of the chubbiness in your cheeks (chipmunk cheeks, anyone?), liposuction should be in order!

Chin – The dreaded double chin may prove to be trickier in eliminating its appearance but chin liposuction has shown significant promise over other procedures.

Chest – This is applicable for men with gynecomastia or abnormal breast enlargement resulting to a flabbier appearance in the chest area. Severe forms of gynecomastia may call for surgical excision in addition to liposuction.

Back – Stubborn localized pockets of fat in the back (also known as back rolls) may also be eliminated by liposuction.

Upper Arms – Sagging skin and excess fat in the upper arms (popularly known as bat wings) have been shown to respond well to liposuction. An arm lift may be done in conjunction with liposuction to help improve skin tone in the upper arm area.

Waist, Flanks and Hips – Majority of men and women find it difficult to remove love handles despite rigid dieting and regular exercise. Good thing there’s liposuction which can effectively reduce localized pockets of fat in the aforementioned areas.

Upper and/or Lower Abdomen – The abdominal area is perhaps the most frequently requested area for liposuction. It’s not uncommon for men and women to have a well-toned body yet they’re still bothered with the appearance of a muffin top. If sagging abdominal skin is also an issue, a tummy tuck procedure may be done in conjunction with the liposuction.

Thighs – In some cases, the upper inner thigh may solely need the attention for liposuction while other circumstances may call for liposuction of the inner, outer, and anterior (front) thighs for a more shapely and toned appearance.

Planning for Your Liposuction with Dr. Malamet

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