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Arm Lift/Contouring

Commonly known as a brachioplasty, an arm lift is the surgical process of removing unwanted fat and excess skin from the upper arms and armpit area. Excess skin is often the cause of uncomfortable chafing and can make finding clothes that fit properly very difficult.

An arm lift requires an incision be made between the elbow and the armpit in a location that will allow the scar to be hidden, depending on the specific needs and lifestyle of the patient. The size of the incision will greatly depend on the amount of skin and fat that needs to be removed, as well as the condition of the remaining skin.

Arm Lift Facts

An arm lift can go a long way in changing a patient’s lifestyle by decreasing or eliminating chafing, allowing for a better workout routine, as well as giving the patient more freedom to choose clothing they like rather than the clothing that just fits.

The results of a brachioplasty will typically last between five to seven years, but as with most procedures, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can prolong the positive results. Additionally, an arm lift may be combined with other procedures—such as liposuction—for a more complete rejuvenation.

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