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How Breast Implants Can Benefit New Mothers

There’s no doubting the fact that motherhood is one of the greatest joys in a woman’s life. However, pregnancy and childbirth can also put a toll, both physical and emotional, to a woman’s life too. Here at our Encino plastic surgery practice, we have helped mothers recover from the wide array of physical effects of pregnancy as well as its corresponding emotional setbacks.

A breast augmentation with implants is one of the solutions we provide for these mothers. By and large, breast implants can benefit new mothers through the following:

If you think that you haven’t experience significant volume loss in your breasts after childbirth but would like to improve its shape and perkiness, a breast lift without implants may work for you.

Planning for Your Breast Augmentation Following Childbirth

Breast enhancement surgery following pregnancy and childbirth is a major surgical cosmetic procedure that needs careful planning on your end. You also need to cooperate with your plastic surgeon to be able to come up with a personalized plan that will help you achieve optimal results. During the planning stage, pre-surgery preparation instructions will be given as well as guidelines for recovery.

If you’d like to learn more about having breast implants following childbirth, call us at 818.380.3130 or fill out this contact form to set up an appointment with us. We look forward to your visit!