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/Blog / Can you wear a different support bra after breast augmentation?

Can you wear a different support bra after breast augmentation?

Encino women after a breast augmentation often wonder if they must continue to wear the surgical bra or if they can switch to a different type of support bra. While interviewing your plastic surgeon and then discussing post-operative care, you will want to follow your surgeon’s at-home care guidelines explicitly and always contact them if you have a question about any aspect of your surgery. Some general guidelines about support undergarments should hold true after your Encino breast augmentation.

Certainly for the first 4-6 weeks, avoid wearing a bra that is made of lace, no seams on cup area, non-breathable fabrics and no wire. A cotton sports bra is often a choice for these crucial first six weeks as they are inexpensive, easy to find, and easy to clean. Either a front opening or back opening bra should be fine, you needn’t have any concerns about that. Look for one that is easy for you and comfortable, but also providing enough support. Many surgeons recommend a breast band after augmentation surgery when implants need extra support. This is a Velcro strap, about 2-3′ wide and goes over the top of the surgical bra.

Your post-operative instructions shouldn’t feel overtly complicated or difficult to manage. Dr. Malamet will be able to speak specifically to the best types of support undergarment to wear when sleeping and awake, for how long, and when you can change from the extra supportive undergarment wear to ‘less subdued’ lingerie. He can answer any questions about why their recommendation is best and will tailor their recommendation to what suits you, your frame, and your implant size the best. You should have a comfort level and openness with your surgeon allowing you to feel totally confident and safe both in asking these questions and the answers you receive.

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