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Winter is a Great Time for an Arm Lift

Although thus far this Southern California winter has been anything but a true winter, it’s still a time when we tend to wear more clothes. Our sleeveless blouses and tank tops are on hiatus. That makes winter a good time to address our loose upper arms. If you’ve gained and then lost weight, or simply […]

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Sleeveless Blouses Need Not Be Feared

One of the most annoying areas of aging on the bodies of most women is the upper arms. What once were toned, shapely, and firm, the underside of our upper arms as we age tend to become loose, even in extreme cases flappy. Ugh. It can be enough to make a woman avoid one of […]

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Don’t Leave Those Arms Flapping in the Summer Breeze

For a woman, one of the most irritating areas where the skin loosens and sags as we age is the upper arms. Especially living in Southern California with our great weather, who wants to have to avoid wearing sleeveless blouses because we don’t want our upper arms to swing back and forth like Wild West […]

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You’re Not a Flying Mammal — You Don’t Need Bat Wings!

As our skin loosens and sags with age, few areas are more noticeable, particularly during summertime and its sleeveless fashions, than your upper arms. When you move your arm, the underside of your upper arm can swing and flap. This unfortunate phenomenon is colloquially known as having “bat wings.” The problem is that as you […]

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This Winter Get Those Arms Ready for Summer

The skin. It’s the body’s largest organ, so it should get some respect. But it sure is susceptible to the passage of time and the effects of gravity. Your upper arms aren’t immune. As you age, particularly if you’ve gained and lost a good deal of weight, the elasticity in the skin and support tissue […]

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Go Sleeveless This Summer—3 Steps To Great Looking Arms

Are you tired of wearing long sleeved shirts in the summer weather? Would you like to dance, and celebrate, and move without feeling self-conscious? Get arms you can show off with pride by following these three steps. 1. Achieve A Healthy Weight Making an effort to achieve a healthy weight will benefit your entire body—including […]

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Do You Still Believe in These Body Contouring Myths?

There’s no denying the soaring popularity of plastic surgery. In fact, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery revealed in their recent figures that Americans spent the largest amount on plastic surgery last year since the Great Recession of 2008. Yet, we have noticed here at our practice that a huge number of our first […]

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So You Just Lost a Lot of Weight? Plastic Surgery Can Help You Look and Feel Better!

Weight loss is perhaps one of the most common personal goals not only in America but also worldwide. Year after year, men and women strive to shed the extra pounds mainly because they want to maintain optimum health and consequently look better. Here at our Tarzana body contouring surgery practice, it’s not uncommon for us to […]

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