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Will a Breast Lift Make Your Breasts Smaller?

There is a perception out there that when a woman has a breast lift that her breasts will actually become somewhat smaller. The goal of a breast lift is to “lift” the breasts back to their former, higher position on the chest. But since a lift often involves trimming some excess sagging skin, the logic is that the breasts could actually become somewhat smaller. That was precisely the point of […]

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Want to Say Goodbye to the Sagging in Your Breasts?

Gravity is great for keeping us from flying off into space, but it’s not so great for our skin and for a woman, her breasts. The unending pull of gravity, combined with weakening of the chest muscles and loosening skin combine to make a woman’s breasts sag downward, a truly disheartening fact of aging. A breast lift with Dr. Malamet can remove the sagging and bring the breasts back to […]

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So You Just Lost a Lot of Weight? Plastic Surgery Can Help You Look and Feel Better!

Weight loss is perhaps one of the most common personal goals not only in America but also worldwide. Year after year, men and women strive to shed the extra pounds mainly because they want to maintain optimum health and consequently look better. Here at our Tarzana body contouring surgery practice, it’s not uncommon for us to receive visits from individuals who just lost a significant amount of body weight with the […]

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Beautiful Breast Lift in Encino

Why bother undergoing a cosmetic procedure such as a breast lift if the resulting scars are going to be so noticeable that the procedure seems like a waste? Many women who are considering a breast lift in Encino contemplate this procedure heavily because they think the scarring is uncontrollable. With a qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeon like Matthew Malamet, MD, there are many approaches and options that are available to […]

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