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Breast Reconstruction

Breast Revision Encino CA

Implant Revision

Breast augmentation surgery doesn’t seem overly complicated when compared to other surgeries such as nose or eyelid surgery. But there can be problems or issues with augmentation. The implants may have formed excessive scar tissue around them. The patient may have decided the implant size wasn’t what she wanted. Or there can be problems with symmetry or other issues from the surgery. Dr. Malamet can address your concerns with breast […]

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Finishing the Job of Breast Reconstruction

Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction can give you back the shape, volume, and profile of one or both breasts, but what about the nipple and areola? Unless you’ve undergone nipple-sparing mastectomy, your reconstructed breast or breasts will be missing the nipple/areola. Dr. Malamet is an expert at nipple and areola reconstruction. What is nipple and areola reconstruction? To recreate the nipple and areola, Dr. Malamet uses a variety of advanced techniques to […]

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