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Lift that Brow. It’s Not Heavy!

Gravity might have been Newton’s thing, but your skin isn’t a fan, especially on your forehead. As our skin sags and loses much of its underlying tautness, we develop deep furrows in our brow. The 11s can show up between your eyebrows. And overall our brow can simply droop. This can make people think you’re either tired or mad all the time. But why not leave the misinformation to the […]

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Lose the Drooping Countenance

As we age everything sags. It’s that darn gravity at work. Well, that, along with support muscles that aren’t as taut as they once were, loss of collagen, and sun damage. But with the brows, it’s the relentless pull of gravity that is really to blame. At least it keeps us from flying off into space! You can address issues such as the dreaded 11s between your eyebrows and forehead […]

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You Tired? Or Mad? Or Just In Need of a Brow Lift?

Gravity is like Tiger Woods was in his prime — it wins every time. While everyone thinks they’re doing things to keep aging at bay, gravity doesn’t care. It’s always puling everything downward. The results show everywhere, including your forehead. Problem is, those results on your forehead — sagging skin, lines, drooping brows — can give people dealing you the wrong impression. Aging brows can make people think you’re perpetually […]

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Bummed Out With Your Wrinkles? A Brow Lift May Be All You Need!

A face lift, eyelid lift or perhaps Botox may initially come to mind when one thinks about procedures that will discreetly erase years off your face. Yet, have you thought about the brow lift? Dr. Malamet has helped men and women in Encino, California and neighboring areas reduce the appearance of frown lines and forehead furrows through the often overlooked yet equally effective brow lift. When to Consider a Brow […]

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