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Chemical Peel

Peels Can Get Rid of Old Dull Skin

Our skin is constantly shedding. For better or worse, depending on your perspective, we don’t do it like snakes that simply slough off the old skin for a new shiny layer beneath. We do it cell by cell, but the plodding pace of that can leave our outer skin dull and lifeless. To accelerate the exfoliation process, Dr. Malamet uses chemical peels. Chemical peels remove the outer skin in varying […]

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Don’t Peel that Clementine, Peel Your Dull Skin

You may not know this, but the human body is continually shedding skin. OK, we’re not like a rattlesnake, molting off our entire skin layer at one time. But we ARE shedding constantly. Ever heard of dust in your house? A large part of its makeup is shed human skin cells. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to give processes such as skin shedding a little boost. That’s what a chemical peel […]

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Peel Those Dead Skin Cells Away

Like other annoying processes that slow down as we age, for some reason we also shed our skin cells more slowly over time. Because the cells aren’t shed with the same frequency, the skin becomes wrinkled, blotchy, and can appear somewhat drab. This is because the outer layer of cells is basically dead and waiting to shed away, exposing the new skin beneath. A chemical peel with Dr. Malamet can […]

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How Your Skin Benefits From Chemical Peels

Despite the introduction of more advanced skincare treatments and modalities, chemical peels are still popular because they are non-invasive and can address a variety of issues. Chemical peels are either done as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other procedures to address common issues such as the following: Reduce acne scarring and discoloration – The internal inflammation that occurs during acne breakouts often leaves scarring and discoloration. This is […]

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3 Ways to Reverse Sun-Damaged Skin

Sunlight has multiple benefits in optimizing health, including stimulating Vitamin D production. This vitamin is important for keeping bones healthy by increasing calcium absorption. Yet like all things in life, moderation is important when it comes to sun exposure. Too much exposure can result in a host of skin issues, ranging from sunburns to the premature appearance of wrinkles to skin cancer. In some cases, sunlight can even trigger unnecessary […]

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How to Choose the Right Chemical Peel

Which skin care treatments are the most effective? There is no single treatment that can be considered skin care’s Holy Grail. Each procedure or treatment targets various cosmetic concerns and has specific strengths in addressing them. But if there were one skin care treatment that addresses multiple problems, it would be chemical peels. Using chemical peels to improve skin tone, texture, and clarity is nothing new. In fact, chemical peels […]

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