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Earlobe Repair

Fixing an Earlobe

Lots of things need fixing: that flat tire on your beach cruiser, the hole in your gutter, that chipped the tooth, those jai alai games in Tijuana. OK, maybe not that fixing! Dr. Malamet sometimes is even called upon to fix the earlobes of his patients. What is earlobe repair? A patient may need an earlobe surgically repaired for a variety of reasons. The goal is to return the earlobe […]

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Fixing Your Earlobes

There are many reasons a person can come to Dr. Malamet seeking his expertise in repairing their earlobes. The earlobes are pretty fragile, but we often seem to give them a little respect. We saddle them with very heavy earrings or create large holes for big gauges. We wear hoops that catch on just about everything in sight or have piercings in weakened areas that don’t hold up. Regardless of […]

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