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Don’t Forget the Facelift

Why is the skin on our bodies that is the most exposed to the elements day in and day out among the thinnest on the entire body? Such is the case with much of the skin on our faces. When you beat it up with sun and environmental damage. When you take away more and more collagen, the skin’s structural support system. When you factor in the stresses and anxieties […]

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The Trusty Facelift

These days, everywhere you look it seems someone else is turning 100. We’re all living longer, but the problem is our skin isn’t built for the long haul. It is damaged by the sun and lifestyle choices. Its supply of collagen, the protein that provides the support system for the skin, dwindles one additional percent every year after we turn 20. And facial skin is some of the thinnest on […]

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You Can Stop Gravity with a Facelift

Newton was a big fan of gravity. Your face…not so much. Gravity continually pulls everything downward, including all the skin and underlying tissues on your face. Throw in sun damage (particularly in sunny SoCal) along with the stresses of daily life, and your face takes a beating. As you age, your cheeks lose volume and sag, deep creases form under your eyes and between your nose and mouth, you develop […]

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What’s Behind Your Facial Skin Aging

It’s been said, “Time conquers all.” This is certainly true of our skin, particularly on our face. Sure we may be gaining some life experience, but boy our faces seem show all we know! Much of Dr. Malamet’s practice is devoted to countering that march of time as it relates to the face. Facelifts, eyelid surgery, brow lifts, cheek, and chin enhancement — it’s all intended to combat facial aging. […]

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Tightening the Neck and Chin

Weak chins. Come on. Who wants one of those? We don’t have to be chiseled like Mt. Rushmore, but a little definition wouldn’t hurt. And just down from our chin, our neck can also not like aging so much. Since the neck muscles and skin don’t have a bone under them to at least lie on, our necks can be the first area to really start sagging and showing its […]

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Surgically Addressing Aging in the Midface — the Facelift

Facelifts have long been a staple of the cosmetic surgery world. Sometimes in the past there have been cases of celebrities getting a less than good job. Most people remember Frank Gifford coming back to Monday Night Football one fall with a face that looked like it was being put on the rack. More recently, Kenny Rogers was the object of intense Internet ridicule for his stretched face. But a […]

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Three Important Things You Must Know About Facelifts

Facelifts have been a part of cosmetic surgery for a long time, but there is some confusion about the surgery and expectations of the procedure. Patience is necessary following a facelift. It takes a significant amount of time before your desired outcomes will fully show themselves. In fact, it’s not uncommon to have major bruising and swelling all over your face immediately after surgery. If a surgeon promises quick facelift […]

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Post-Facelift Priority: Shun the Sun!

A number of factors influence whether you will achieve your desired outcomes from a facelift, including the current state of your health, skin elasticity, the facelift surgeon of your choice, and what you do during the recovery phase. Avoiding sun exposure during recovery is one step that can make or break your facelift results. This is why we generally recommend having your facelift surgery heading into the winter months. Below […]

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What Really Works to Completely Get Rid of Laugh Lines

Laugh and smile lines are signs of a life well lived. However, the appearance of folds and creases that run from the corners of your nose down to your mouth, also known as nasolabial folds, may also signify that you’re not getting any younger. Clients ask about their cosmetic options for reducing the appearance of nasolabial folds. Sometimes, they have tried all kinds of anti-aging creams all to no avail. […]

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Understanding What Happens During a Facelift

Men and women visit Dr. Malamet’s Encino cosmetic surgery practice to seek his expertise in a facelift. What sets him apart from other plastic surgeons is that he performs a facelift procedure with the intent of coming up with natural-looking results. If you are unsure yet whether or not you’ll undergo a facelift procedure, a detailed understanding of what happens during the procedure may help you finally make the decision […]

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