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Botox is a Celebrity in its Own Right

It has received such publicity; you may get the impression that Botox has been around for decades. After all, everyone has heard of Botox. Actually, Botox Cosmetic was first approved for aesthetic use by the FDA in 2002, so it’s really only a teenager (but it won’t ask to borrow the car). Ever since its […]

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3 Ways to Reverse Sun-Damaged Skin

Sunlight has multiple benefits in optimizing health, including stimulating Vitamin D production. This vitamin is important for keeping bones healthy by increasing calcium absorption. Yet like all things in life, moderation is important when it comes to sun exposure. Too much exposure can result in a host of skin issues, ranging from sunburns to the […]

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The Injectable Dilemma: Botox vs. Dermal Fillers

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery revealed that more than 2.5 billion dollars was spent on injectables alone in 2013. In fact, Botox and hyaluronic acid injectables ranked first and second respectively in the most frequently performed non-surgical cosmetic procedures on the same  year. With the soaring popularity of injectables for facial rejuvenation, it’s […]

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