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Using Dermal Fillers for Lip Augmentation

Everyone would like to have lips like Angelina Jolie. Unfortunately, many of us are born with thin, shapeless lips. Or, with age, our lips have lost volume, as happens in other areas across the face. Or, we’re blessed with lips that lack symmetry from side to side. Lip augmentation is nothing new. In the past, […]

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Give Your Lips the Angelina Jolie Treatment

Your lips are a funny thing, when you think about it. What do they do really? What’s the point of them, really? That can be especially true when they thin and lose their shape and volume as we age. They can even wrinkle. Come on! Why not just wear a pair of wax lips! Fortunately, […]

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Lip Augmentation

How To Get Fuller Looking Lips

Having full lips can make you look younger and more attractive, but some people don’t have the good fortune of having full lips and others notice that their lips get thinner as they age. Fortunately there are ways to get fuller looking lips. Keep reading to learn more. Temporary Solutions There are a number of […]

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Three Easy Steps to Fuller, Luscious Lips

The lips and the surrounding skin are often overlooked by many in terms of anti-aging measures. At our practice, the spotlight is often directed to the forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and hollowed tear troughs. During personal consultations, we also make recommendations for helping improve the lip area for a fuller, more youthful pout. Fortunately, there’s […]

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