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Loose Necks are for Turkeys

Since we’re now out of summer and heading quickly into autumn, some people think of turkeys. Well, not because the weather is changing here in California — you know better than that — but more likely because the neck of their neighbor is so loose and giggly, it reminds the person of a turkey. That’s no way to go through life with a turkey wattle lurking there under your chin. […]

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Tightening the Neck and Chin

Weak chins. Come on. Who wants one of those? We don’t have to be chiseled like Mt. Rushmore, but a little definition wouldn’t hurt. And just down from our chin, our neck can also not like aging so much. Since the neck muscles and skin don’t have a bone under them to at least lie on, our necks can be the first area to really start sagging and showing its […]

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Tighter Necks for Thanksgiving

Now that we’ve entered the fall, there’s only one popular loose giggly neck. And that’s on your Thanksgiving turkey! For the rest of us, we don’t want a saggy, banded, hanging neck. But a neck lift with Dr. Malamet can solve the problem. What’s wrong with my neck? Gravity is one tough hombre, especially when he’s working in combo with natural aging. Our necks are generally one of the first […]

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Giggly Necks are for Thanksgiving!

In the ongoing battle that is the march of time, people usually fixate on certain areas: the brow, nose, eyes, mid-face. But that’s overlooking one of the first areas of the body to show signs of aging — the neck. What’s the use of addressing aging issues on your face when your neck looks 15 years older? Dr. Malamet can address this issue with a neck lift. Your neck has […]

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Face and Neck

Taking Care Of The Skin On Your Neck

All too often men and women make great efforts to keep their faces looking young and forget to pay attention to the skin on the neck. This often results in a neck that looks much older than the face, which can make some people uncomfortable with their appearance. While it is important to care for the skin on your face, your neck deserves a little bit of attention. Here’s what […]

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Three Easy Ways to Revitalize Your Aging Neck

There are thousands of products out there that promise to keep your face as youthful and naturally glowing as possible. But what about the neck? As the novelist Nora Ephron wrote in her 2006 book I Feel Bad About My Neck, you can use concealers, hair dyes, and injectables to reclaim your youth but there’s little that can be done about your neck. “Our faces are lies and our necks […]

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