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Let’s Get a Few Things Straight

Myths are as old as mankind. The meaning of the word originally was that of a traditional story, passed on from generation to generation and often explaining superhuman feats. That could be why they meaning of the word has shifted to something that is widely held, but false. There are plenty of myths out there these days. The aesthetic industry and plastic surgeons have their own fair share. Here are […]

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Who Was Doing What in 2016?

It’s always interesting to see what procedures are the most popular in the aesthetic world. Sometimes Dr. Malamet’s patients ask as to which procedure is more popular this year and other similar questions. Every year the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) compiles statistics from the previous year. Here are the numbers from last year. As you would expect, demand for aesthetic procedures continues to grow, with a 9% […]

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The Difference Between Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Surgeons

If this is the supposed “information age” why is there so much misinformation being spread about? When you have politicians, a certain news channel, and other outlets that make outright lying their modus operandi, a line seems to have been crossed. The aesthetic world isn’t immune to such misinformation. In this industry, you may see advertisements for doctors claiming to be “board certified” cosmetic surgeons. These allegations may not mean […]

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Breast Augmentation Leads in ISAPS 2015 Statistics

Cosmetic procedures have become so mainstream that people wonder just how many people are having something done. That’s why the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) totals up the number of both surgical and non-surgical procedures every year and reports the numbers. In 2015, to give you an idea of the scope of the numbers, you could take the entire population of Romania and give each person some sort […]

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Which City Has the Most Plastic Surgeons?

Based simply on pre-conceptions, if asked which cities had the most plastic surgeons, you’d probably say New York, Dallas, Phoenix, L.A., and maybe Beverly Hills. Let’s see how those guesses stand up to the real statistics. RealSelf, the popular aesthetic industry website that rates doctors and procedures, compiled statistics about which cities have the most plastic surgeons per capita. It wasn’t a simple count of “x” number of plastic surgeons […]

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Plastic Surgery Attitudes – Letting Inner Beauty Shine

I’m often asked about attitudes toward plastic surgery – particularly with reference to how attitudes have changed over time. It’s incredibly interesting to see how the kinds of procedures that were once exclusive rarities are now undertaken and carried out without so much as a second thought. Surgery is cheaper, treatment more readily available, and the taboos on the subject have, for the most part, melted away. However, it’s important […]

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Plastic Surgery Recovery Aids: The Essentials

Recovery following plastic surgery is one of the most crucial factors that will determine whether or not desired outcomes will be achieved.Healing may take from weeks to months, depending on the cosmetic procedure. This period won’t be a pleasant experience due to swelling, bruising, and the appearance of scars. Fortunately, the following recovery aids can help speed up healing and reduce discomfort following plastic surgery: Compression Garments – These are […]

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Your Face Affects Our Lives

In today’s world appearance isn’t important to just movie stars, it affects our daily lives. Haven’t you all noticed that the prettiest and youngest get the best positions at work? It usually has nothing to do with ability- they are just easier to look at, and if they are dealing with the public that is a big draw for customers. You would think that would be male customers and female […]

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Why Not?

Years ago, getting tan was all young women thought about, they would gather their gear and find a place to lay where the sun would hit them just right. Aluminum sheets, baby oil tinted with iodine and finding just the right position to get the highest exposure to the palest area, was just routine.   It didn’t matter how miserable you were, frying in the sun was expected if you […]

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How NOT to Recover Well After Plastic Surgery

You’ll probably find tons of information online on how to recover quickly and safely from plastic surgery — from choosing an experienced plastic surgeon to making sure that you have enough time allotted for recovery. Here at our Encino plastic surgery practice, we believe that it’s equally important that you have knowledge on what NOT to do to ensure healthy, safe and quick healing following surgery on your end. 1. […]

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