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Scar Revision

Winter is a Good Time to Revise a Scar

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Malamet not only performs cosmetic procedures such rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, he also performs various reconstruction procedures such as breast and nipple reconstruction. Another popular revision surgery is scar revision surgery. The Southern California winter months are a great time to consider having surgery to revise an unsightly scar, as you’ll have time to heal before the warmer weather returns. For your information, here […]

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Revising a Scar

If there’s one absolute about the human skin it is that when injured it will create a scar upon healing. Sometimes they will fade and people think they never had a scar, but it is simply hidden. The problem with scars is that how they develop can be unpredictable. If you have a scar that is bugging you because it seems too visible, Dr. Malamet can perform scar revision surgery […]

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