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Weight Loss Surgery

weight loss surgery

What To Expect After Drastic Weight Loss

Losing drastic amounts of weight can completely change your life. Many of these changes are wonderful—common benefits include: boosted confidence, less stress on your joints, clothes that fit better, more energy, increased life expectancy, improved appearance, and better overall health. However, losing a huge amount of weight can come with some surprises—whether you’ve spent months or years dieting and exercising or you’ve made the bold decision to get weight loss […]

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Tummy Tuck Techniques - Matthew Malamet, MD

Weight Loss Surgery – Why Nature Knows Best

Sometimes those considering plastic surgery are using surgery in lieu of hard work and commitment. This is particularly true with weight loss surgery. Often, a potential patient looks to use surgery to lose weight rather than adopt behavior changes such as a healthier diet, possibly cutting down on alcohol intake, and getting some exercise. This kind of attitude fits perfectly with unethical cosmetic surgeons who seek to expand business without […]

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