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How to Choose the Right Breast Implant Size

We often have potential breast augmentation clients come to us with pictures of a celebrity with large breasts saying this is the look they want. Unfortunately, often these goals are unrealistic.

Having a clear understanding of your limits when choosing breast implant size is crucial. Your decision-making process for implant size shouldn’t be based on some perceived ideal, but rather through careful consideration of the following components:

Bigger is not necessarily better

Extremely large breast implants are often not a good idea. Large implants that are not in proportion to your existing body frame are more likely to rupture. Women with petite builds may also experience persistent pain or discomfort caused by large implants. Loss of sensation in the nipples is also common. For those with not enough tissue to cover the implants, the implant may show through the skin.

Smaller implants may lead to unnecessary revision surgery

Having smaller implants may not have physical risks, but it can also lead to dissatisfaction. A woman may feel the need to have revision surgery and upgrade to larger implants. Additional surgeries will increase the risk of complications, and will mean more money spent and more time wasted during recovery.

In addition to your in-depth consultation with Dr. Malamet, you can also opt to “try on” various implant sizes and see which fits you. It also pays to imagine your future physical activities. Will you be running a marathon soon? Do you have plans of enrolling in Muay Thai?

Let us help you figure out the most suitable breast implant size by calling 818.380.3130 to schedule an appointment.