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/Blog / Do all tummy tuck surgeries cause ‘dog ears’?

Do all tummy tuck surgeries cause ‘dog ears’?

If you know someone who has previously had a Tummy Tuck in Encino, CA, you may have seen pointed protrusions at either end of the tummy tuck scar that are also referred to as ‘dog ears.’ The protrusions of skin can often leave patients feeling self-conscious and unable to wear a swimsuit in public comfortably. In some cases, this could even discourage some patients from choosing a Tummy Tuck in Encino. While ‘dog ears’ are an uncommon result of a tummy tuck, steps can be taken to avoid them during the procedure, and they can also often be corrected.

‘Dog ears’ form when a smaller incision is used, which makes it more difficult to close the ends of the incision when the desired contour is achieved. While ‘dog ears’ are always a possibility, Dr. Matthew Malamet can take steps to minimize the risk of these protrusions appearing. The most simple way to minimize the risk is to create a longer incision to allow for the incision to be closed much more easily. This will obviously result in a larger scar that can often stretch around the sides of the abdomen. In an effort to minimize any visible scarring, the incision is made as small as possible but extending it slightly could produce an even better result.

In cases where the protrusions may be small, they often fade over time, creating a more firm and flat contour. It is generally recommended that patients wait for the healing process to finish before considering an additional surgery to remove ‘dog ears.’ If the protrusions don’t fade over time, an additional surgical procedure can help to remove them using local anesthesia.

If you are considering a Tummy Tuck in Encino or Beverly Hills, and you are concerned with the potential for ‘dog ears,’ Schedule a Free Consultation with Dr. Matthew Malamet. His attention to detail, extensive experience, and training help him to achieve amazing results for each individual patient. He can assess the risk of getting ‘dog ears’ after the surgery and discuss steps he will take to minimize any risk.