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Don’t Forget the Facelift

Why is the skin on our bodies that is the most exposed to the elements day in and day out among the thinnest on the entire body? Such is the case with much of the skin on our faces. When you beat it up with sun and environmental damage. When you take away more and more collagen, the skin’s structural support system. When you factor in the stresses and anxieties that can be a part of everyday life. What you’re left with is deep creases beside the mouth, hanging jowls, sunken cheeks, loose skin and banding on the neck, and an overall looser face.

A facelift with Dr. Malamet can remedy much of this. The procedure will remove loose skin from your face and neck, tighten underlying muscle and tissue, and remove excess fat. The result is a face that looks 10 to 15 years younger.

Are there different types of facelifts?

The facelift is one of the oldest cosmetic procedures, practiced in one form or another since early in the last century. Most of those facelifts would now be known as “traditional” or “full” facelifts. But with the addition of endoscopes and advanced techniques, Dr. Malamet can perform a variety of different facelift methods depending on your particular needs.

Want to take 10-15 years off your age? Don’t forget about the trusty facelift. Call Dr. Malamet at (818) 380-3130 to schedule your consultation.