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/Blog / Don’t Take that Job Transfer, Transfer Your Fat

Don’t Take that Job Transfer, Transfer Your Fat

fat transferIf you’re over 40, you have lines and wrinkles. It’s just a fact of life. Many of us want to do something about them, other than simply curse at them when looking in the mirror, yet we’re not keen on use synthetic dermal fillers to do the job. In those cases, autologous fat transfer with Dr. Malamet can be a good option.

What is fat transfer?

Sometimes called fat grafting, a fat transfer takes fat from an area on your body where you have some excess — areas such as the outer thighs — and injects it into the area needed volume. These areas are usually the face, hands, breasts, or buttocks.

Should I consider fat grafting?

These are situations where Dr. Malamet could recommend fat transfer.

Why fat transfers instead of dermal fillers?

There are plenty of available dermal fillers that Dr. Malamet uses to fill wrinkles, build collagen, and replace volume. But these fillers are synthetic and some people either don’t like the idea of injecting foreign substances under their skin or may have allergic reactions to ingredients in the fillers.

In these cases, fat transfer is a good idea. Because the patient’s own fat is used to fill wrinkles or add volume there rarely are reactions.

Duration is another reason. Fat transfer adds volume for much longer periods than fillers. Fillers are eventually absorbed by the body, usually within one year of injection. With fat, in contrast, the body re-vascularizes around the fat, as it was in its original location.

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