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What to Expect During Your Arm Lift Consultation with Dr. Malamet

It was reported last year that upper arm lift surgeries have increased a whooping 4,300 percent for the past decade. It was estimated that there were approximately 15,00 women who had the procedure in 2012 which is a far cry from the 300 who requested for the procedure in 2000.

Although we can only speculate here at our Encino plastic surgery practice that Michelle Obama’s arms may have inspired women to have their arms sculpted like that of the first lady, we would like to point out that the increase in demand for arm lift surgeries have been happening for the past decade. And the Obamas came into the picture not until later in 2008.

Whether or not it’s the first lady that is to be fully blamed for the rise of arm lifts, there’s no hiding the fact that the procedure have helped thousands of women go sleeveless with confidence! If you’ve been thinking of having the procedure for a while now, an initial consultation should be in order with Dr. Malamet!

What an Arm Lift is For

First of all, it may be best to figure out first what an arm lift is for. By and large, the surgery aims to reshape the upper arms down to the underarms and the elbows if needed. This cosmetic goal can be achieved through the following:

Your Initial Arm Lift Consultation

An initial consultation with Dr. Malamet is your first step to figuring out whether or not you’re an ideal candidate for the procedure. Generally, you can expect a thorough discussion of the following:

In addition, your safety and the success of the procedure’s outcome will require full disclosure of your health history, medications and supplements taken in the past and present, and your commitment to adhere to Dr. Malamet’s instructions before and after the procedure.

Get in touch with us today for your arm lift initial consultation!  Call us at  818.380.3130 or fill out this contact form to set up an appointment with us. We look forward to your visit!