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Eyelid Surgery and Contact Lenses

chin-upThe intent of eyelid surgery is to make the eyes appear refreshed and to restore a natural youthfulness to your overall look. An upper eyelid surgery addresses loose, sagging skin, while a lower eyelid procedure is ideal for reducing the appearance of under eye circles through repositioning or removal of excess fat.

Many patients who undergo eyelid surgery at our practice are contact lens wearers. These patients ask if it’s okay to wear contacts days before surgery and when exactly can they start using them again post-procedure. We answer these questions below!

Before and during surgery

You can still wear your contacts prior to your eyelid surgery. In fact, it is possible to wear them on the morning of your surgery. You can simply take them out shortly before having anesthesia. Having your contacts on during surgery increases your risk of corneal injury.

After surgery

We instruct our post-eyelid surgery patients to not wear contacts for at least two weeks following the procedure. This is because it’s too risky to touch the skin or pull the area near the incisions. The incisions might reopen and consequently increase your risk of infection. If swelling doesn’t subside after two weeks post-procedure, it may be best to continue avoiding contact lenses.

The skin around the eyes may feel tight for a couple of weeks post-procedure. Dry eye is also common. Using artificial tears once you wear your contacts can help address dry eye symptoms. It may be best to gradually reintroduce your contacts during the first few days of wearing them.

Since you will be relying on your eyeglasses post-surgery, you should make certain that they have the correct prescription and are still wearable before having your surgery.

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