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Are Your Eyes Saying You’re Tired?

When you’re toiling away at work, do you ever have someone come to your desk and say, “Wow, you look really tired? No sleep last night?”

While the person may seem to be somewhat concerned, their attention is irritating, especially when you got plenty of sleep the night before!

It could be your eyes that are telling the world you’re tired. After all, in conversations, the eyes are usually the focal point. Of course, those same eyes get lots of exposure to the sun and the elements, especially here in sunny Southern California! Over the years, that exposure, along with the general slackening that occurs with all of our tissues, can give you eyes that droop, sag, and make the world think you’re worn out.

Eyelid surgery with Dr. Malamet, however, can take over a decade off of your eyes. Eyelid surgery removes excess skin and fat and tightens the underlying muscles as needed to replace that tired, saggy look with a more rested countenance.

A popular procedure

Eyelid surgery, clinically deemed blepharoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries worldwide. This is likely due to a couple of reasons. First, the eyes are so visible when compared to areas such as the abdomen that is usually covered by clothes. Second, eyelid surgery provides very dramatic results, but they are subtle at the same time. Most people think that blepharoplasty takes a decade or more off the age of the patient’s face. Friends who don’t know you’ve had the procedure usually can’t tell it was done; they only know that you look younger.

For men and women

Unlike other popular cosmetic procedures such as tummy tucks and breast augmentation, blepharoplasty is popular among both women and men. That’s because drooping eyelids, wrinkles, and puffy bags under your eyes aren’t the domain of one sex over the other. Studies show that more and more men are opting to have eyelid surgery to appear younger in the workplace.

The surgery

Dr. Malamet performs blepharoplasty on either the upper or lower eyelids or both of them, depending on your unique needs. Due to this variation, the procedure can run as short as 45 minutes or as long as two hours. He is very careful with the removal of fat, instead usually opting to simply reposition it. This is because the removal of too much fat from the eyelids can leave the person with a drawn appearance.

In the upper eyelids, Dr. Malamet makes a small incision in the natural crease of the eyelid to conceal any scarring. He then tightens the muscles as needed, repositions fat, and removes any excess skin.

In the lower eyelid, he usually makes the incision just below the lower eyelash. An alternate location is inside the lower lid, where there won’t be any visible scarring. Excess skin is removed to lessen wrinkles, bags, and general puffiness that is so prevalent in many aging lower eyelids.

Eyelid surgery is not a difficult recovery

When compared to involved recoveries from procedures such as tummy tucks, recovering from eyelid surgery is not hard at all. When you get home after your surgery, your eyes will be covered with light gauze. We’ll provide you with an eye lubricant and a cold compress. If you are attentive with your compress, your swelling can be very minor. Bruising usually isn’t bad, either. After one week, your stitches will come out, and you’ll look pretty good. There can be some residual swelling, but it’s not serious. Your new, younger eyelids will be ready for the public very quickly.

Dr. Malamet has hundreds of satisfied eyelid surgery patients. If you’re tired of looking tired, maybe it’s time to join them. Call us at 818-380-3130 for a consultation.