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Your Face Affects Our Lives

In today’s world appearance isn’t important to just movie stars, it affects our daily lives. Haven’t you all noticed that the prettiest and youngest get the best positions at work? It usually has nothing to do with ability- they are just easier to look at, and if they are dealing with the public that is a big draw for customers.

You would think that would be male customers and female employees, but not so fast. Women love an attractive looking young man, and no one care whether they were purchased or genetic.

Refurbishing Your Life

There is no doubt we can all find something we want improved or refurbished, some procedures are needed, others are just wishes added to the bucket lists of the world.

Not all procedures require surgery – there is a long list of methods to dramatically improve facial damages for instance.
Laser hair removal, how nice would that be. You wouldn’t have to check to see how long your chin hairs are before you kiss your hubby good morning. It has to be a little disconcerting for your spouse to get skin burn from your beard.

Have you heard of resurfacing? It erases years of self-inflicted abuse of our skin. Whether it’s from acne or sun damage it reportedly takes your face back to a better younger time in your life and without actual surgery.

Botox is another way to keep up that appearance that so many of us want. When you hear someone talking about what great skin so and so have, you have to wonder if they were born with it, or do they have a great plastic surgeon.

Either way, they look and feel younger than most of the people around them. WOW, that means we can have experienced customer service employees with brains and beauty. What a conception.