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Mole/Lesion Removal

Moles and lesions can form on any part of the body and typically go unnoticed. It is when they become a nuisance or potentially a dangerous health problem that mole and lesion removal becomes a priority. Moles and lesions can form on the face and ears and can become a source of insecurity among patients and they may wish to have them removed. In other cases, moles and lesions can actually cause discomfort depending on their location if they constantly rub up against clothing. For these reason, Los Angeles plastic surgeon Matthew Malamet, MD offers mole/lesion removal.

The Mole/Lesion Removal Procedure

While most moles and lesions are harmless, there are certain characteristics that can help to determine if a mole or lesion is actually a sign of something more serious. If a mole or skin lesion appears atypical, changes in size or appearance, bleeds, is asymmetrical, is not uniform in color, or has ragged edges, it is important to seek treatment immediately. These different attributes can be a sign of skin cancers, including melanoma. Dr. Matthew Malamet uses a variety of techniques to remove moles and lesions while also reducing any visible scarring.

Mole/Lesion Removal Key Facts:

Mole/Lesion Removal Results

Once complete, mole and lesion removal can produce amazing and natural-looking results. In most cases, lesions and moles are removed completely, and it is difficult to tell that they were even there to begin with. Whether a patient chooses to have a mole or lesion removed for cosmetic reasons or due to discomfort, Dr. Matthew Malamet uses mole/lesion removal to produce the desired results.

If you would like to learn more about mole/lesion removal and the effects that it can have on unsightly moles and lesions, schedule a consultation with Dr. Matthew Malamet. He meets with each patient individually to address any questions or concerns that may come up prior to the actual procedure.