Fixing an Earlobe

Earlobe Repair Encino, CALots of things need fixing: that flat tire on your beach cruiser, the hole in your gutter, that chipped the tooth, those jai alai games in Tijuana. OK, maybe not that fixing!

Dr. Malamet sometimes is even called upon to fix the earlobes of his patients.

What is earlobe repair?

A patient may need an earlobe surgically repaired for a variety of reasons. The goal is to return the earlobe to a more natural shape and size or to repair a split. Just as every earlobe is unique, Dr. Malamet treats every earlobe repair as a unique situation.

The thing about the earlobes is that, while they seem as if they can be tugged upon to a great degree, things such as large gauge earrings or overly heavy earrings can do permanent damage that can only be repaired surgically. Once the skin has been stretched to a certain degree, it cannot return to its former tautness.

What are the reasons a person would need earlobe repair?

Here are a few of the reasons Dr. Malamet may be called upon to perform earlobe surgery:

  • Split earlobe repair— When a person insists on continuing to wear very heavy earrings, the result can be a torn earlobe where the earring eventually causes a split.
  • Torn earlobe repair— Sometimes a person may be wearing a hoop earring, and that earring catches on a bush or other obstacle, tearing the earring through the earlobe.
  • Stretched earlobe repair— For some unknown reason, there has been a movement to insert larger and larger gauge-size earrings into the earlobe. While it may seem like a good idea at the time when that earring is eventually removed the earlobe will have a stretched-out hole that will not close without surgery.
  • Earlobe shortening— If heavy earrings don’t tear the earlobe, they can stretch it downward. Surgery is used to shorten the earlobe, while at the same time making the result look completely natural.
  • Earlobe reduction— In some cases, a person is born with an earlobe that is overly large and out of proportion. Dr. Malamet downsizes these earlobes.
  • Keloid scar repair— Keloid scars form when the body continues to produce collagen long after a wound has healed. The result is a red, raised scar that is usually larger than the actual wound. These can happen on the earlobe after a tear occurs.

If you have an issue with your earlobe, call Dr. Malamet at 818-380-3130.

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