Fixing Your Earlobes

earlobe repairThere are many reasons a person can come to Dr. Malamet seeking his expertise in repairing their earlobes. The earlobes are pretty fragile, but we often seem to give them a little respect. We saddle them with very heavy earrings or create large holes for big gauges. We wear hoops that catch on just about everything in sight or have piercings in weakened areas that don’t hold up.

Regardless of the reason, Dr. Malamet can repair your earlobe.

What are common reasons a person needs earlobe repair?

As ear fashions have become more daring, so have earlobe injuries increased. Here are a few of the conditions that merit earlobe repair:

  • Keloid scarring— Keloid scars grow after the wound has healed, and often end up being larger than the original wound. They are bumpy and red, and very unsightly. Dr. Malamet will remove the scar tissue and re-sew the incision with tiny sutures to minimize the new scar.
  • Earlobe reduction— In some cases, people seek to have the size of their earlobes reduced. Dr. Malamet makes them more proportional.
  • Earlobe shortening— This damage is usually caused by the trend toward wearing very heavy earrings. If stretched for a long enough period, your earlobes will lose their elasticity and won’t rebound from stretching.
  • Split earlobes— Large hoops are easy to catch on things such as a bush you’re trying to go around or a sweater you’re pulling over your head. The result can be a torn earlobe. Dr. Malamet sews the two sides back together with the goal of minimal scarring.
  • Stretched earlobes— Gauges aren’t just for National Geographic Today, people everywhere are wearing large gauge earrings. These stretch the earlobe skin and if the gauges are removed down the road the skin won’t return to its former size and a visible hole will often be there for all to see. Dr. Malamet removes the stretched skin, closes the hole, and makes the bottom of the earlobe look as natural as possible.

Having problems with your earlobes? Call Dr. Malamet at 818-380-3130 and ask about earlobe repair surgery.

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