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Giggly Necks are for Thanksgiving!

In the ongoing battle that is the march of time, people usually fixate on certain areas: the brow, nose, eyes, mid-face. But that’s overlooking one of the first areas of the body to show signs of aging — the neck. What’s the use of addressing aging issues on your face when your neck looks 15 years older?

Dr. Malamet can address this issue with a neck lift.

Your neck has a couple issues working against it: gravity and inherent laxity of the skin. Unlike most other areas on your body, your neck is continually pulled downward by gravity. And the skin on your neck, by the very function of the neck, cannot be initially as taut as other areas of your body such as your arms, even your face skin.

A neck lift addresses loose neck skin, excess fat under the chin, excess skin and sagging skin in the lower face, and muscle banding in the neck. During a neck lift, Dr. Malamet removes excess skin and fat and restructures the underlying muscles.

Who is right for a neck lift?

neck liftIf most of the signs of aging on your face are on the lower part of the face and beneath the chin, you’re a good candidate for a neck lift. In this case a full facelift wouldn’t be needed.

The procedure

The incision location Dr. Malamet chooses can depend on the age of the patient. For younger patients without a great deal of excess skin, the incision is made under the chin. In these cases, mainly excess fat is removed and the muscles are tightened to improve the contour. If a patient is older, the incisions are made behind the ear lobe on each side extending into the hairline. Excess skin and tissue are pulled up and trimmed. The underlying tissues are repositioned and the skin is then re-draped. For older patients, neck lifts are often combined with a facelift. Dr. Malamet often also includes liposuction to remove unwanted pockets of fat.


After your procedure, Dr. Malamet will have wrapped your neck and chin in an elastic bandage to provide support, minimize swelling, and help your skin adapt to its new contours. There will definitely be swelling and bruising, but it will fade in one to two weeks. Most patients need to miss a full week of work.

When you’re considering what to do to turn back the clock, don’t forget your neck! Call Dr. Malamet at 818-380-3130 and let’s talk about a neck lift.