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Give Your Eyes Some Help

eyelid surgeryYour eyes are the windows into your soul. That may be stretching it just a bit. Still, most people admit that the eyes are the first thing they look at when they meet a new person. So, with all of this attention being paid to our peepers, why don’t you go ahead and take away the sagging lids and the puffy skin surrounding them?

In other words, why not have eyelid surgery with Dr. Malamet? It’ll take at least a decade off the age of your face!

How many people have eyelid surgery?

In 2015:

Eyelid surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgery for men. Why? As men age and feel the need to compete with younger men for jobs, they see the eyes as the best way to take years off the face.

Who should have eyelid surgery?

These are some of the common characteristics of a person who may want to have eyelid surgery with Dr. Malamet:

You have…

The procedure

Dr. Malamet performs eyelid surgery on either the upper or lower eyelids, or on both. It is a delicate procedure that involves removing the right amount of skin, muscle, and/or fat.


Recovery from eyelid surgery is not difficult. Pain is minimal and swelling and bruising can be managed with the diligent use of cold compresses on your eyes. Your stitches will be removed in just three or four days.

One great benefit of eyelid surgery is its subtlety. Most people will not know that you have had any cosmetic surgery, unless they see you during the first week after your procedure. After that, they will look at you and will think you look somehow younger or more refreshed, but won’t be able to put their finger on the reason why.

Ready to lose 10 years from your face? Eyelid surgery with Dr. Malamet will do that. Call us at 818-380-3130 to schedule your consultation.