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Give Your Lips the Angelina Jolie Treatment

lip augmentationYour lips are a funny thing, when you think about it. What do they do really? What’s the point of them, really? That can be especially true when they thin and lose their shape and volume as we age. They can even wrinkle. Come on! Why not just wear a pair of wax lips!

Fortunately, Dr. Malamet can give you back plumper, younger, rounder lips with lip augmentation. Whether your lips have always been thin and disappointing to you, or whether they’ve simply lost volume with age, you don’t have to settle for thin, wimpy lips. Angelina Jolie them with augmentation.

How does Dr. Malamet augment my lips?

Dr. Malamet performs lip augmentation through the use of either natural or synthetic fillers. Different fillers are best for certain aspects of augmentation. Some are thicker and provide more volume to a smaller area. Some spread and allow accentuation of something like your lip lines. Dr. Malamet can even use your own fat as a filler. He first harvests fat from another area of the body, purifies it, then reinjects it into your lips. Natural fat can give the lips a more plump appearance.

Lip augmentation is really a simple procedure. Often just a single injection is all that is needed. With other fillers small injections in a variety of spots will provide the best results. Sessions can be as short as 15 minutes or last up to one hour.


The nice thing about fillers is that your results are immediately visible. They will also continue to improve as the filler settles. You may have some slight swelling and discomfort, but that passes quickly.


The duration of your results depend on what type of filler Dr. Malamet is using. Plus, every patient’s body reacts differently. Some absorb the filler quickly, within a few months. While in others, the filler can keep defining the lips for years.

If you’re tired of your thin, shapeless lips, why not plump them up? Call Dr. Malamet at 818-380-3130 and ask about lip augmentation.