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/Blog / Go Sleeveless This Summer—3 Steps To Great Looking Arms

Go Sleeveless This Summer—3 Steps To Great Looking Arms

Are you tired of wearing long sleeved shirts in the summer weather? Would you like to dance, and celebrate, and move without feeling self-conscious? Get arms you can show off with pride by following these three steps.

1. Achieve A Healthy Weight

Making an effort to achieve a healthy weight will benefit your entire body—including your arms. You don’t have to look like a swimsuit model, but getting to a healthy weight will add years to your life and life to your years. Consult your doctor about your weight and set a goal that is realistic, attainable, and healthy. Your doctor can also help you decide on a plan of action.

2. Strength Training

While you’re working to reach your goal weight, you can start toning your arms. Strength training can help you burn calories, loose weight, and fight boredom, and as an added benefit, your arms will get more toned.


Strength training can mean more than just lifting heavy weights. Try planks, and other bodyweight exercises, take a Pilates class, visit a boxing gym, start doing yoga, or learn how to use the kettle balls. All the exercises listed will strengthen your body and help you gain definition in your arms.

3. Brachioplasty

Once you’ve used diet and exercise to improve your health, brachioplasty can improve your appearance. Brachioplasty, or an arm lift procedure, will target excess skin and the flabby part of your upper arm that weight loss and exercise can’t fix. Some patients choose brachioplasty after drastic weight loss has left excess skin—others choose it because the natural aging process has left them with arms that don’t suit their youthful spirit. Patients may also choose this procedure to make clothes fit more comfortably.


This procedure usually takes 1-3 hours and most patients can return home afterward. Expect some recovery time with mild discomfort, but look forward to years of lasting results.


Brachioplasty can improve your appearance, boost your confidence, make your clothes fit better, and make it easier to continue working out. Combined with a healthy, active lifestyle, the results of this procedure will last for many years. To learn more about this procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Malamet.