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Here’s What You Really Need to Know About Latisse

fgdhdDid you miss the eye-catching winter lashes at the Carolina Herrera show during the recent New York fashion week? Those were the result of makeup artist Diana Kendal and her team. But you don’t need false eyelashes and crew of your own to apply them — fuller, thicker real lashes can be yours with Latisse!

How Latisse works

Unlike eyelash curlers, mascara, or fake eyelashes, Latisse creates thicker, fuller eyelashes by encouraging eyelash growth. Normal eyelashes typically spend a month or two in the growth cycle and then enter a resting/shedding phase for the next four to six months. Latisse works its wonders by extending the time period of the growth phase and doubling the amount lashes grow during this period.

Latisse results

Desired outcomes for Latisse are noticeable after three to four weeks of use but full results are typically achieved after 16 weeks. In a clinical study that tested the effectiveness of the product, users experienced 106 percent improvement in the thickness of their lashes, 25 percent improvement in the length, and 18 percent enhancement in the darkness of their lashes.

Failing to use the special applicators that come with the product is a common mistake by many first-time Latisse users. Each applicator can only be used once. Only these one-time use applicators must be used to apply Latisse.

Latisse isn’t for everyone. Pregnant women and individuals with infection or allergy in the eye area are not good candidates for Latisse.

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