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/Blog / How common is plastic surgery for men?

How common is plastic surgery for men?

While it is still a relatively small percentage of plastic surgery procedures being performed on men, over one million men chose plastic surgery last year. From Botox to Male Breast Reduction, more men are choosing plastic surgery procedures to create a more youthful and masculine appearance. The stigma that has been attached to male plastic surgery for so long seems to be fading quickly. The idea that men can utilize advanced procedures to look and feel their very best is becoming more acceptable, and male plastic surgery has seen a boom in recent years.

One of the biggest fears from patients in Encino and Beverly Hills is whether they can maintain a masculine appearance following plastic surgery. This is especially true if a man is considering a Facelift. Hollywood actors can be partially to blame for this fear. With bad plastic surgery headlines on every entertainment website, patients in Encino and Beverly Hills can have fears that results from plastic surgery will be obvious. In some cases, male celebrities have a ‘pulled’ or ‘altered look’ that seems to appear more feminine. Finding a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Matthew Malamet will help to ensure that results from male plastic surgery appear natural and unaltered. In many cases, it’s simply a case of a lack of attention to detail or lack of experience that leads to these well-publicized bad plastic surgery results.

For men who are still on the fence about a surgical procedure to look and feel younger, Dr. Malamet offers a number of non-surgical plastic surgery procedures in Encino and Beverly Hills to produce amazing results. With non-surgical procedures like Botox, men can experience the temporary benefits while contemplating more permanent surgical procedures. Schedule a Free Consultation with Dr. Malamet to learn more about the plastic surgery options available for men in Encino and Beverly Hills.