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How to Deal with the Common Plastic Surgery Side Effects

Models - 60As with any surgery, side effects are a normal part of the healing process following cosmetic surgery. But side effects should not be confused with complications, which are rare and more serious. At our practice, Dr. Malamet takes the time to discuss such side effects and the specific ways to prevent them or lessen their occurrence.

Bruising and swelling

Bruising and swelling are a result of damage done to the tiny blood vessels when an incision is made. Fluids leak out of the blood vessels, which leads to swelling. Wearing compression garments is the best way to reduce swelling. Supplements such as arnica montana have also been shown to help.

When blood leaks out of the damaged blood vessels and pools in the surrounding tissue, bruising is the result. Aside from compression garments, the following steps can help prevent or minimize the degree of bruising:

Pain, itching, and numbness

It’s not just the blood vessels that are damaged when an incision is made during plastic surgery. Nerves are affected, too. As they are responsible for sensation, nerve damage or compression can result in pain, numbness, and/or itching. Pain may be relieved with pain medications while both itching and numbness will subside as the body finds new neural pathways during the healing process.

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