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/Blog / How young is ‘too young’ for a facelift?

How young is ‘too young’ for a facelift?

With Hollywood plastic surgery under the spotlight, it is clear that more young actors and actresses are choosing to have Facelifts earlier than ever in their careers. Naturally, with the spotlight shining brightly, more patients in Encino and Beverly Hills are asking how young is too young for a facelift? Over the years, advancements in facelift technology have made this procedure more common at an earlier age. Whereas this procedure was reserved for patients in their 50’s and 60’s, 20 years ago, more patients are seeking a more permanent solution in their late 30’s. The important thing to remember when considering a Facelift in Encino or Beverly Hills is the amount of correction needed versus the actual age of the patient.

Since we all lead very different lifestyles, the level of correction necessary during a facelift procedure will vary. Signs of aging can start to appear early on with sagging and drooping skin, sun damage, and fine lines and wrinkles. It is for this reason that age is less of a factor when determining if patients are good candidates for this procedure. However, some patients may choose to avoid a surgical facelift at an early age, and instead opt for a non-surgical solution to minimize signs of aging. There are a number of great alternatives for patients who want to look and feel younger that do not require a surgical procedure.

If you are considering a Facelift in Encino or Beverly Hills, but you think you might be too young, Schedule a Free Consultation with Dr. Matthew Malamet. He meets with each patient individually to discuss expectations and concerns prior to each plastic surgery procedure. He can help you decide whether your individualized circumstances warrant a facelift, or if there are other options that can produce amazing results without the downtime and recovery typically associated with a traditional facelift.