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Implant Revision

Breast Revision Encino CABreast augmentation surgery doesn’t seem overly complicated when compared to other surgeries such as nose or eyelid surgery. But there can be problems or issues with augmentation. The implants may have formed excessive scar tissue around them. The patient may have decided the implant size wasn’t what she wanted. Or there can be problems with symmetry or other issues from the surgery. Dr. Malamet can address your concerns with breast implant revision surgery.

What are the usual reasons for revision surgery?

There are five reasons women usually choose to have breast implant revision surgery.

  1. To change the implant size or type (saline to silicone or vice versa)
  2. To replace a damaged or ruptured implant
  3. To deal with scar tissue tightening around the implant
  4. To correct or change the initial augmentation
  5. To adjust to changes in the tissues around the implant due to pregnancy or weight fluctuation

Today’s implants are more reliable than ever before. Plus, now that silicone implants have returned to the market, some women opt to replace their saline implants. Also, issues with natural aging can make the tissue around the implants change.

The procedure

Usually, Dr. Malamet uses the original incisions, which makes revision surgery easier than the original placement. One revision that is more complex is moving the implants from atop the pectoral muscle back behind it. Otherwise, in most cases, the original capsule created for the implants can be used, although it may be adjusted.


Revision surgery can greatly improve a patient’s outlook and satisfaction with her augmentation. The patient’s breasts can now occupy a better position, may feel more natural, and present an overall better outcome.

If you have issues with your augmentation, Dr. Malamet can correct them. Call us at 818-380-3130 to schedule a consultation.