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Leave the Fake Eyelashes to the Cabaret

latisseFew women would say their eyelashes are as long or as thick as they’d like them to be. But mascara and fake eyelashes don’t really fix the problem. Growing thick, long eyelashes is just a pipe dream, right?

Not any longer, thanks to Latisse, the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment for growing longer, fuller, darker eyelashes.

Dr. Malamet provides Latisse prescriptions in his practice.

How does Latisse grow longer lashes?

While this sounds like some late-night infomercial, Latisse actually makes the user grow longer, thicker eyelashes. The active ingredient in Latisse was actually being tested for another purpose — to relieve intraocular pressure in the eye (which leads to glaucoma). But during the study, participants found that their eyelashes grew during the course of the testing. At that point Allergan, the company developing the product, began testing the active ingredient, bimatoprost, specifically for growing eyelashes. It proved effective and the FDA approved it in December 2008.

How does it make the eyelashes grow longer? It is thought that bimatoprost increases the duration of the lashes’ anagen phase (growth phase). Every hair on the human body goes through different phases of the growth cycle, with the anagen phase being the only phase where the hair grows.

You apply Latisse nightly on the upper lash, just like eyeliner. The bimatoprost in Latisse stimulates the lashes to grow. The treatment works gradually and your eyelashes will experience real growth over time, generally 12 to 16 weeks. But the user must be diligent with Latisse — once you start the treatment, the topical solution must be applied continuously each night until you achieve the desired results.

What are the actual results?

In testing, Latisse has been shown to be effective in 78 percent of users at the end of the 16-week usage period. Specifically, Latisse patients experienced a:

Get your new eyelashes with a prescription from Dr. Malamet

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