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Lift Those Thighs and Your Spirits

Thigh Lift In can be dispiriting losing a bunch of weight. You like what you see on the scale, but not what you see in the mirror. The loose skin that is sometimes left after a woman recovers from pregnancy and childbirth, or from gaining and then losing a large amount of weight, tends to not want to tighten back down to its former degree of tautness.

A thigh lift is one of the procedures Dr. Malamet offers to correct this sagging skin that won’t respond to exercise. A thigh lift specifically targets this loose skin, giving the patient firmer, more youthful-looking thighs.

Do I need a thigh lift?

These are the most common indications that Dr. Malamet sees in patients needing a thigh lift:

The procedure

The inner thigh lift begins with an incision along the line where the leg meets the groin. By making the incision along the natural fold it minimizes any scarring. The size of the incision will vary depending on the amount of sagging present. The skin is pulled and elevated towards the groin. Excess skin is trimmed and excess fat is removed.

The outer thigh lift is done to remove excess skin that hangs below the hip area. In an outer lift, the incision is located near your hipbone. Dr. Malamet usually is able to place this incision below the panty line to hide the scar.


A thigh lift will produce a flat, firm contour across the thighs. It can even have a positive impact on cellulite and corresponding dimpling.

If you’ve lost a good deal of weight, or just have more sagging in your thighs than you’d like, call Dr. Malamet at 818-380-3130 and schedule a consultation for a thigh lift.