Loose Necks are for Turkeys

Neck Lift Encino, CASince we’re now out of summer and heading quickly into autumn, some people think of turkeys. Well, not because the weather is changing here in California — you know better than that — but more likely because the neck of their neighbor is so loose and giggly, it reminds the person of a turkey.

That’s no way to go through life with a turkey wattle lurking there under your chin.

A neck lift with Dr. Malamet can tighten up those fowl necks and the area under your chin.

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift has two names, depending on what needs to be addressed. If it’s mainly skin, a neck lift is clinically called a lower rhytidectomy. If it’s mainly muscle, it’s clinically a platysmaplasty. Whatever you call it, a neck lift’s goal is to reverse signs of aging under the chin and on the neck. Banding on the neck, loose skin, and the appearance of jowls are all great reasons for a neck lift.

There is a new non-surgical option out there to tighten the profile of the patient. It’s called Kybella, but it specifically addresses fat buildup under the chin. If loose skin and tissue is the problem, a neck lift is the only way to deal with the problem.

Would a neck lift help me?

People are often concerned about their facial aging, but forget entirely about what is going on under the chin and on the neck. These are the visible signs of aging that a neck lift can correct:

  • Loose neck skin
  • Loose skin under the chin
  • Muscle banding on the neck
  • Jowl lines
  • Double chin
  • Relaxed skin in the lower face

On some people, their neck skin can age faster than their facial skin. This is especially true if the person has spent a lot of time in the sun with their neck exposed. The sagging and banding that results responds well to a neck lift.

How Dr. Malamet does a neck lift

There are generally two methods for performing neck lifts.

  • Traditional neck lift— For a traditional neck lift, Dr. Malamet makes an incision that originates in the sideburn area and continues down below the ear, terminating in the hair at the back of the scalp. He pulls the skin away and tends to the fat, usually re-sculpting it, especially in the jowl area. If there is a good deal of fat pushing down and creating a double chin, Dr. Malamet will use limited liposuction to remove it. If necessary, a second incision may be made under the chin for better access. After dealing with the fat, next up is the platysma muscle. This muscle runs from the upper parts of the pectoral and deltoid muscles all the way up onto and around the jaw. This is the muscle that creates neck banding when it loosens. Dr. Malamet tightens the platysma to eliminate this banding. The last step is to pull the skin back up, re-draping it and trimming away any excess.
  • Limited incision neck lift— Rather than the relatively lengthy incision required with a traditional neck lift, here Dr. Malamet makes small incisions only around the ears. Of course, the limited size of the incisions also only allows a smaller degree of tightening and repositioning.

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