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Lose the Drooping Countenance

BrowliftAs we age everything sags. It’s that darn gravity at work. Well, that, along with support muscles that aren’t as taut as they once were, loss of collagen, and sun damage. But with the brows, it’s the relentless pull of gravity that is really to blame.

At least it keeps us from flying off into space!

You can address issues such as the dreaded 11s between your eyebrows and forehead creases with fillers such as Botox and Juvederm. But those results are temporary. And they can do a thing for drooping brows that are giving you a somewhat hooded appearance.

In cases like these, a browlift with Dr. Malamet could be the answer.

What is a browlift?

A browlift is designed to soften facial lines by raising the skin on the brow, adjusting the underlying muscular structure, and removing excess tissue. A browlift will raise the eyebrows and give you a softer, less irritated appearance.

Some people think a browlift will take care of their crow’s feet, but a browlift’s effects are limited to the forehead and the brows. To address issues such as crow’s feet and the eyes, options such as mid-facelifts and blepharoplasty are the answers. Dr. Malamet can combine surgeries to address these areas.

How is a browlift done?

Dr. Malamet uses a coronal browlift, hairline browlift, or an endoscopic browlift. Until more recently, all browlifts were the coronal method. The incision stretches from just above the ear around the top of the forehead down to the other ear. It is made in the hairline to minimize visible scarring. This method allows the most extensive tissue adjustment.

The endoscopic method is the preferred choice by Dr. Malamet, as it minimizes scarring and makes for an easier recovery. He makes a series of very small incisions through which he can insert an endoscope, along with surgical tools. The endoscope enables him to see the underlying tissues without having to pull all of the skin away (as in a coronal browlift). Obviously, this creates less tissue trauma and scarring.

Your particular situation is what will be the deciding factor on which method works best for you. Dr. Malamet will discuss your options during your consultation.

Want to lose that perma-droop? Call Dr. Malamet at 818-380-3130 and ask about a browlift.