Losing the Weight is Only Half the Battle

Post-Bariatric Body ContouringWhat a raw deal — you lose massive amounts of weight, putting in the hard work and lifestyle changes, or having surgery, and now you’re thin, but you’re thin with loose, draping skin hanging off you like an extra layer of clothing. Bogus. And this skin will never miraculously tighten down to your new slimmer contour. It can’t; it’s like an overstretched rubber band. It’s enough to make you wonder why you bothered to lose all the weight in the first place.

Sounds like body contouring with Dr. Malamet should be in your future.

What is body contouring?

Body contouring is a response to your loose skin after weight loss, skin that is unresponsive! Body contouring with Dr. Malamet is a highly individualized procedure that can correct multiple areas of the body including the lower body, thighs, arms, breasts, and abdomen. It addresses loose skin that won’t respond to diet or exercise.

The procedures

People think of body contouring as a single procedure, but it’s actually a combination of advanced procedures designed to specifically target areas of the body that may not have recovered following significant weight loss. Each patient’s situation is unique, so there is no set group of procedures used in body contouring.

These are the procedures involved:

  • Tummy tuck — This removes excess skin and tightens the underlying muscles in the abdomen area. A full tummy tuck will involve two incisions, one just below the bikini line and the other at the navel.
  • Arm lift — This addresses loose skin in the upper arms. The incision usually runs from the armpit down to the elbow, removing excess skin and tightening muscles where possible.
  • Breast lift — A breast lift is used to remove excess skin causing the nipples to point toward the ground. A lift may be combined with implants to return volume to depleted breasts.
  • Thigh lift — This removes excess, hanging skin on the upper thighs. Incisions are made in the groin area but can run to the outer thighs. A thigh lift is often combined with a buttocks lift to remove sagging skin in that area.


The results from body contouring surgery can be nothing short of amazing. The thinner person underneath all that loose skin comes out! There is swelling and bruising involved, as these are all fully invasive procedures, but that will improve over time.

If you’ve lost the weight, let Dr. Malamet help you lose the skin. Call 818-380-3130 for a consultation.

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