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No More Hair

Unwanted hair is like that distant uncle from Sacramento who visits every year at the holidays, despite your hints that maybe he goes to your sister’s house this year. No matter what you do, it just keeps coming back. No matter your choice of removal method — shaving, plucking, waxing, or using harsh depilatory creams — the hair is gone, but in two or three weeks it starts coming back again.

Quit messing around; have the team at Dr. Malamet’s get rid of the hair. Our lasers are very effective at removing up to 90% of the hair in a treatment area…for good.

No one likes unwanted hair

When the yearly cosmetic treatment statistics for the previous year are tallied, laser hair removal is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the U.S. This is because lasers effectively remove hair with little discomfort. And they do it for the long haul.

Where can you have laser hair removal?

Because we can calibrate our lasers to match your skin tone, hair color, hair thickness, and the location of the treatment, we have excellent success with hair removal on our patients. These are areas where we can remove the hair:

Trust our expertise

Laser hair removal requires expertise in wavelength selection, fluency, pulse duration, and cooling to effectively remove unwanted hair with the most comfort for you. At Dr. Malamet’s, we have extensive experience with laser hair removal, and we stay current with the latest technology. Trust us to get rid of your unwanted hair for good! Call us at 818-380-3130 for an appointment.